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Thread: SSD on LInux (worth to buy ?)

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    Re: SSD on LInux (worth to buy ?)

    +1 on SSD, it's night and day for me, so much faster.
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    Re: SSD on LInux (worth to buy ?)

    Absolutely recommended.

    How to enable TRIM in Linux for SSD

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    Re: SSD on LInux (worth to buy ?)

    or you just run fstrim once in awhile.

    I have 4 SSDs in 3 computers -- two laptops and a desktop. You can't beat it for the root filesystem -- booting in 20 seconds instead of 2 minutes. But they do cost more $$ per GiB than a hdd, so if you have massive data storage, a SSD doesn't make good sense for that purpose. If you can afford one for the OS and root filesystem, you won't be sorry. Personally I'll never install my OS on a hdd again.
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    Re: SSD on LInux (worth to buy ?)

    I also have a SSD...120GB Intel 510 series....boot times ~8 is definitely noticeable when calling up information...wicked fast

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