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Thread: Intel/ATI hybrid graphics problems

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    Intel/ATI hybrid graphics problems

    I just installed ubuntu 12.10. My computer has two GPU's an integrated intel and discreet ATI RADEON 6800M. I dont know which GPU my computer is using, and I dont know how to switch between them either. It seems like everytime I restart my computer i might be switching GPU's because sometimes it runs nearly room temperature, and sometimes its running hot enough to bake muffins.

    I am new to ubuntu, so if I could get assistance and detailed explanations of anything that would be great. Thank you.

    Also if anyone is aware of anything like the ATI Catalyst Control center that would be also great.
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    Re: Dual GPU system

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    I am afraid that you may be in for a headache or two. I'm sorry.

    The Intel/ATI hybrid systems (and the Intel/NVIDIA ones as well) are a huge problem in the Linux world. A lot of people are working very hard to sort out something that was really designed for Windows.

    For the Intel/ATI systems, you have two choices:

    1. Use the open source Radeon driver and vgaswitcheroo to switch -- and add Jupiter to keep the power consumption down when using the ATI GPU to keep the heat down.

    2. Follow a guide like this to try to get the system to work.

    I hate to bear bad news, but you have a tough row to hoe.

    Best wishes!
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    Re: Intel/ATI hybrid graphics problems

    I appreciate it. Im actually using Jupiter. It was the first thing I installed because my fan was running rampant. Within minutes it was under a much better temp.
    I had also read that this was currently a real headache, to be honest while I used to do a lot of gaming, I now have a family and kids so the discreet ATI GPU is really not necessary anymore because I'm not gaming. I just want to make sure Im using the intel GPU for battery and temp control.


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