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Thread: 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS question....

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    8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS question....

    My 2008 homemade desktop:
    AMD64 (6000+), 4GB RAM, 34GB (10,000rpm,8mb cache)
    250GB (7200rpm,16mb cache), Ubuntu 8.04 LTS only
    (no games :-O...just email, web stuff, few songs/pictures) …...

    I would like to go to 10.04 LTS (and maybe 12.04??).
    Used update-manager, clicked “Upgrade”..... but 30 seconds later.....said,
    “Not enough data in HD” So I think my partitions are wrong here. This is what I have now:
    /dev/sda 34GB
    Partition Filesystem MountPoint Size Used Unused F
    /dev/sda1 ext3 /media/disk 16.46Gb 435Mb 16.04Gb -
    /dev/sda2 ext3 / 17.21Gb 15.57Gb 1.94Gb boot
    /dev/sda3 extended - 815Mb - -
    /dev/sda5 linux-swap - 815Mb - -

    /dev/sdb 250GB
    /dev/sdb1 ext3 ? 3.81Gb 192.77Mb 3.63Gb
    /dev/sdb2 linux-swap ? 972.69Mb - -
    unallocated - ? 228.12Gb - -

    Can someone get me some pointers to change this so I can get 10.04 LTS?

    An old retried EE

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    Re: 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS question....

    this may help:

    But being that far behind you would be far better off backing up your data and doing a fresh install of 12.04 as it has Long Term Support until 2017. 10.04 will fall out of support in April of this year. Fresh install would be much more easy and cleaner.
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