I am running ZFS on Linux version which supports version 23 zpools. Recently after an update whenever I would run "zpool status" it would show my pool working fine with a comment that said I should use zpool upgrade to be able to use tags.

I ran the upgrade command and after it finished my first que that something was wrong was that samba wasn't working. About 3 hours of investigating later showed ZFS was the issue. zpool status commands found that the zpool was unavailable due to the pool being an unsupported version.

I have a few ideas as to what to do next, but I am not sure if they will work or how to do them.

My first thought was to use the unstable version, but I don't know the commands to issues to achieve this.

My second thought was to destroy the pool and copy it all back from a backup, which being over 1TB takes a while to do. Only issue is that I exported the pool and it won't allow me to destroy it without mounting it and I cant mount it unless it becomes a supported version.

Any other thoughts welcome.