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Thread: 13.04 remove keyring scripts

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    13.04 remove keyring scripts

    I just have a nice upgrade to 13.04. The same old problem, now more annoying than ever!!!
    I don't need keyring, i will never use it! I have auto login so nothing works except leaving a blank password for keyrings. Even if i delete all keyrings a application wants to create a keyring (like Chrome). And i cannot create all those keyrings with blank passwords (they're stored in clear text), i really want to enter passwords when needed!!! I just can't take that pop up anymore... why do i have auto-login in the first place???

    Can somebody tell me how to remove keyring all together??? (i want just the solution, the web is full of information about keyring utility and so on)

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    Re: 13.04 remove keyring scripts

    I have the same problem. It's really annoying! Solutions?


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