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Thread: SymLinks across network

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    SymLinks across network

    Hi Guys, I hope someone can help, I'll give as much background as I can.

    I have an Ubuntu LAMP serving an Intranet (Joomla et al) that I will need to get the following to work on.

    The domain is controlled by MS SBS 2011 in a 10.0.0.* address space

    On my (Win7) desktop I have a development copy of the Intranet running WAMPSERVER.

    Everything is fine....

    However, I want to point to files that sit in different locations on the network (I do not want to upload them to Joomla - just not practicable)

    I am trying to achieve this (on the development system for now) using symlinks (which despite a lot of reading clearly I do not fully understand)

    I have placed a folder in the same root as my test document, called workdrive

    I have also created c:/testfolder/testwork/

    my test document consists of
    <a href="file:///workdrive/readme.txt" >file</a>
    I have a test folder as described below.
    in the workdrive and the testwork folder I have a text file called readme.txt (with different text in them) - neither open from the test page.

    I have the following for an Apache alias directory entry (WAMPSERVER runs okay with this entry)

    Alias /workdrive "c:/testfolder/testwork/"
    <Directory "c:/testfolder/testwork/">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
        AllowOverride all
            Order Deny,Allow
        Deny from all
        Allow from
        Allow from 10.0.0.*
    What am I doing wrong? I'm I doing it right, but WAMPSERVER does not follow the rules? Once I get this working I need to test it with network shares and then implement it on the Ubuntu LAMP.

    Kind regards

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    Re: SymLinks across network

    I now have this working on a windows box, and Joomla is able to display files that are dotted across the domain.

    I now need to transfer this to my Ubuntu LAMP.
    Can anyone tell me how I can give Apache authorisation to access files and directories on the windows domain?

    Many Thanks

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    Re: SymLinks across network

    The easiest solution is to mount the remote shares on your machine with CIFS. Then you can create a symlink that points to the mount point of the share.
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