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Thread: mnemonic shortcuts for main menus?

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    mnemonic shortcuts for main menus?

    Mnemonic shortcut support for main menus in desktop environments seem to have completely disappeared, except for Mate/Gnome2. Am I missing something?

    FYI mnemonic shortcuts execute the first (or underlined) letter once a menu is up. Vastly faster than "pointing" menu navigation and allows far more diversity and flexibility than a straight multiplex key combination shortcut.

    As near as I can tell the mnemonic feature is not present in xfce, lxde, gnome3 or anywhere else I have looked. Thankfully still present in Mate/Linux Mint.

    Mnemonic navigation has been around since the dark ages....e.g. the "Common User Access" standard popularized by IBM and even early Apply HIGs as I recall. Is it just......GONE???? Guess I have to slow down to use the computer now......

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    Re: mnemonic shortcuts for main menus?

    On raring, as far as I can tell it's still there, except in
    the new nautilus.

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