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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } ACubed10, I just searched both MS's store and egghead and XP pro is not for sale at either, I don't need XP, I want XP, I have I band new (1 month old) win 8 system I just boxed up and put in the garage. I like the GUI on both xbuntu and XP, I value stability and function not flash.

Duckhook, from the site I bought the disk from “DELL DISC BUT CAN BE INSTALLED ON ANY BRAND COMPUTER!”, a quote which can be verified from the link I posted in my first post of this thread, If that quote is not factual, it's a scam!

I've been trying to stay legal, but this transition is going to get done, somehow. Probably from from your patients and help in the other threads where I laid out my needs and reasoning for a new system configuration, but you assessment is right on track.
yeah I knew Microsoft stopped selling it. Just didn't know if newegg had any copies left