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Thread: Error inserting mac80211 module

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    Error inserting mac80211 module

    Dear All,

    I modify a header file in include/linux and then "make modules" until the end. After that I "make modules_install".

    And then I try to copy the .ko file to /lib/modules/3.5.0 directory, after that I remove the older module

    rmmod mac80211

    and load new module

    modprobe -v mac80211

    but after that the error occured "FATAL: Error inserting mac80211 (/lib/modules/3.5.0+/kernel/net/mac80211/mac80211.ko): Invalid argument"

    what should I do? T_T

    I usually use that method (from copy to modprobe) and there is no problem but today this problem occured.

    Need your help

    Thank you

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    Re: Error inserting mac80211 module

    Why are you installing the mac module this way rather than letting whatever wireless module you are installing pull it down from the repository as a dependency? If you build the module yourself, it is possible that it is either using mismatched dependencies in its build, or choking on mismatched libraries afterwards. I.e. 3.7 module on 3.5 libraries. We have no idea what version of mac module you were building (or why).


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