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Thread: How to Make Desmume Run Faster Without Being Choppy?

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    Question How to Make Desmume Run Faster Without Being Choppy?

    Hi. So I've seen plenty of tutorials on how to make Desmume run faster on Windows; but none for Linux! I've been trying to play Pokemon White 2 but only get around 25 FPS. I don't think this is mainly my hardware's fault because I can run games like Team Fortress 2 or Trine 2 on max graphic settings with no real lag. Is there any way to speed performance up on Ubuntu?

    P.S. Please don't say to increase the frame skip; a choppy game isn't much better than a laggy one IMO.

    I'm on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit. I have 4 GB of RAM and have an AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card. Latest Desmune from
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