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Thread: FoxVox not working

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    FoxVox not working

    I recently installed the FoxVox add-on to Firefox. It seems to have the functionality I want. But it doesn't work at all. I want to highlight text and have it read to me.

    When I instruct it to do so, there is no sound. I am able to "Create wave Audiobook" and mp3 book, etc. but when I try to play it there is nothing in the file.

    I've tried installing: festvox, mbrola, and pulseaudio-esound-compat nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have FoxVox working on Ubuntu 12.04? If so how did you accomplish this?


    Firefox Browser, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Macbook Pro 6,2

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    Re: FoxVox not working

    I just installed it from the addon site and it works as advertised

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    Re: FoxVox not working

    Can you give me more detail on how you installed it? I just removed the addon and reinstalled from:

    And I'm getting the same result.

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