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Thread: Help me fix my locales please!

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    Re: Help me fix my locales please!

    Quote Originally Posted by GameX2 View Post
    So far, everything is working great, all softwares I am aware of reverted back to French.

    Could we ran the locale-purge command again, install the French language pack, and re-run the command?
    That could be risky. locales can be a pain to fix if you have problems. Unless you really need to i would not bother.

    What if some softwares dependencies still are configured in English? Will that cause errors for the softwares?
    It should not cause problems. I think you will get all your software in French if you reinstall each software that is in English.

    I haven't managed to reinstall PlayOnLinux yet, that's not standard, since it was installed from a DEB - from the official website.

    I should do a backup of the full .PlayOnLinux folder..
    Hell, I do NOT want to reinstall Office 2010. XD

    That's the worst thing ever. XD That license check could easily freak out, if I reinstall Office completely (That's a legal license).
    Hopefully you can reinstall it over the top after making a backup of the config files.

    Good luck and post back if you have any issues

    Kind regards
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    Re: Help me fix my locales please!

    YES !!

    Got it!
    I backed up PlayOnLinux drives, wiped PlayOnLinux next, and reinstalled it from the official DEB. Unfortunately, that did not fixed the program launching bug, after restoring my backed up configuration. The Windows programs kept crashing - impossible to start.
    Used Synaptic, I found all the softwares I installed myself, so I reinstalled the vast majority of them (Excluding libraries and plugins). I've realised that I forgot many that were still stuck in English.

    I restored an earlier backup of .PlayOnLinux folder (As soon as I got Office working, man, I backed up the whole folder... XD). I also changed the file permissions.

    In fact, I've tested a new backup tool, today (Never configured backup myself. On our main Windows family PC, that always was my father who was configuring backup). I find it interesting, but I just found something annoying..

    I'm backing up my Home directory to an NTFS external drive. This might be a Linux limitation, but on an NTFS partition, the file/folder permissions got erased!

    So the permissions of the folder "PlayOnLinux" were set to "ReadOnly", that probably was the bug. The scripts also weren't executables as they should have been. When PlayOnLinux launch a program, it launch a script to configure Wine, but the permissions of these shortcuts/scripts got wiped.

    Managed to fix this! Still don't know why the Language Selector display French (France) instead of Français (France) (Is there even a difference between French France and French Canada, anyways?), but anyways, everything is displayed in French, now!

    Now I need to find a working backup tool!
    It's easy to screw up a Linux installation, that happened to me a few times.. So annoying. Never imagine fixing locales would be THAT difficult!

    Thank you !!
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