I'm not a developer, but I like to think that once in a while I come up with good ideas (and some bad ones too). Since I'm not a developer, I don't know where else to put this, but I thought I could put my ideas down here where they might get discussed and actual developers might be inspired. I just want Ubuntu Touch to be the best it can be. So I think I will put my ideas and brainstorms down here and maybe others will contribute too.

1. Tip Calculator - I know it doesn't sound like much, but to make it more interesting, my idea is to utilize the camera to take a picture of a receipt and using some form of OCR, decipher the price total and currency. It can then display suggested tip amounts in common percentages, displaying the dollar value of the tip, total including tip etc. It should also have a function to quickly split the bill between a specified number of people. While I'm brainstorming, perhaps another function could be a section to keep track of how much you have tipped specific servers at each establishment creating profiles for them with preset tip amounts or percentages, maybe make notes about them (whether you liked the service) etc. Perhaps this app could be built into or linked from the core calculator app.

2. Road Trip Playlist - An app that plays (streams?) music from artists originating from whatever geographical area you are currently in, with a user definable radius. It could perhaps showcase local independent artists. It could maybe incorporate links to purchase their music, info on current tour dates, etc. Maybe it could alternatively bring up local radio station streams available.

3. Goal Light - This is probably most appealing to hockey fans. An app that can monitor sports feeds for your favourite teams and when they score a goal, display an animation of a goal light and play a goal siren. Even better if it can mimic the specific goal siren sound from each particular stadium. In addition it could display who scored the goal and who assisted (perhaps with photos of them). Of course, it would display the current score and countdown timer.

4. New Episode - Perhaps incorporated on some level with the calendar app, it could track your favourite tv shows and remind you when new episodes are airing, displaying what time it airs and on what channels it could be viewed. With information pulled from somewhere like the tvdb or imdb, it could give the episode title and quick synopsis, etc. Now, while I'm dreaming how cool would it be if you could then press a button on your phone screen and have your Ubuntu TV tune in to that channel or program it to change to that channel when the show starts so you don't forget about it, or alert you that the show has started. Maybe you could also remotely set your PVR to record it.