Heya all;

This is my first post on your forums, thus a little about me and my computer;

I've got an old PC from my Uni days which used to run XP with Xampp etc. I liked the idea of been able to access my entire PC via the web, which was extremely handy when at uni.

Now I've dusted off my old machine and intend to make it a file server, backing up all files etc, and having access to it from the web. Currently it's running Ubuntu 12.04 (with Win7 on the same disk for work programs), and I've managed a few little tweeks such as Conky, auto drive mounting, etc. I still have a list of things I need to fix/install/solve but that can wait.

However I had issues with Adito. I've actually re-installed from scratch Ubuntu12.04 3 times now due to Adito. I've followed several different sets of instructions and each time I get about 90% of the way and it stops.

The first time I had Xampp installed and running fine, but I chose Adito due to having previously used SSL-explorer on my old XP machine 5yrs ago (uni mate installed it), that and my php coding sucks.

I tried a clean install of Ubuntu, then straight to Adito with no Xampp, still the same issues.

Does anyone know if they can run side by side, or if there are easier ways to install Adito.

Basically to date;
I can install it (I think), and create the SSL certificate.
The service starts, then stops.
No webpages are ever displayed (i.e; access it from another computer on my network).
It throws up wrapper.conf errors here and there.
Installing Adito after Xampp, destroyed Apache, and I couldn't recover it, hence the re-formate of Ubuntu.

Has anyone ran these two side by side? The reason I'm asking is, my current Ubuntu setup is almost complete, all the tweeking etc is done, and I don't want to destroy all my work again.

Any help would be much appreciated.