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Thread: Strange connection issue with Windows Home Server 2011.

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    Strange connection issue with Windows Home Server 2011.

    This seems, to me, a bit strange.

    When I try to connect to my server, which is running Windows Home Server 2011, from my PC running 12.04 LTS, . I get

    Unable to mount location: Failed to retrieve share list from server.

    However, if I turn my Laptop on, which is running win7 and has the WHS2011 dashboard utility installed. Ubuntu is all of a sudden able to see and connect to the share folders on the server. I can then mount them. Now if I then turn off my laptop, the mounted folder will remain and I can use them but I cannot mount more folders.

    so at present if I turn off my PC or reboot I have to also start the laptop so I can get my shared folders mounted again.

    It's driving me crazy.

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