After a failed attempt yesterday, I have fedora 18 installed today.
I don't even know what DE this , something new to me, to soon to pass
judgement on that.
I will definitely have to do something to make the screen look more appealing.

But more to the point, I installed this distro because of this claim they
make in their advertising

Desktop: Have you ever tried to use a new printer and been frustrated by error messages and having to hunt for the correct driver to install? With the new easy printing feature in Fedora 14, plug your printer in and Fedora automatically finds and installs the correct driver. This feature allows you to print in many different locations and churn out copies within minutes. It's one of several innovations in Fedora 14 that let you take better advantage of your system's hardware.
I thought, this sounds too good to be true, and you know what!!
It is too good be true, but in spite of that, i will work with this
system for awhile to see if it stays or gets punted.

One major disadvantage of this OS when installing on a multi-boot computer
it uses a different partitioner, anaconda{I think}, only likes to install on LVM, needs a separate primary partition from my other OS's and seems
impervious to gparted's ability to edit, change or delete.

But it may have some redeeming features in there somewhere, I will be sure
to mention them if/when I find them.