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Thread: Video Downloads are not completing

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    Smile Video Downloads are not completing

    This is a new install (not upgrade) of Ubuntu 12.04 Firefox 20.0 DownloadHelper 4.9.14 or Easy YouTube Video Downloader

    Two weeks ago, after the new install of Ubuntu 12.04 I had no problems downloading even multiple videos from YouTube or other sites at the very same time. However, something has changed and it is getting is now a rarity that I get a complete video download using these above downloaders. The downloads do not actually finish before they are declared COMPLETED by Firefox and the download stops --- which renders them unusable for my purposes.

    This is happening not only on YouTube but other websites also and doesn't seem to matter what file type they are.

    I have tried many things, including uninstalling Download Helper and re-installing it.

    I also switched profiles on Firefox so that I had a brand new unadded to copy of Firefox with only one extension installed, such as DownloadHelper or Easy YouTube Video Downloader. After I did that, and after I tried other websites, I realized it must be somehow connected to something happening in Ubuntu or Firefox proper....but I am not sure how to test for which or what is happening.

    My communications, other than this one aspect, seem to be competely unaffected, which leads me to think this is not a Internet stability of connection problem.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Video Downloads are not completing

    Youtube downloading is not supported here due to Youtube policy.
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