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Thread: Haxel FPS for Ubuntu

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    Haxel FPS for Ubuntu

    We, Dreamwagon games just launched a Kickstarter account for their project Haxel.

    Just trying very hard to get the word out there. Would love any feedback that you all have regarding the project. We have a pretty extensive API planned for modding and world building, and a huge array of weapons and game-play modes.

    A majority of my development/testing has been against Ubuntu 12.04, and we are very proud to be able to offer it on Linux/Ubuntu. We are currently looking for anyone interested in testing out the Prototype with any version of Ubuntu on some different machines. I have tested on a some commodity hardware, and the game has run smoothly rendering many millions of vertices

    Any comments or critiques are much appreciated!

    Edit: I think I posted in the wrong forum? Maybe this belongs in Games?
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