F 12 is the boot manager

a few questions again

1 once i get the iso burned and insert into the drive before
booting, i am going to tap the F 12 key?

2 i assume then a window will show giving mean option to boot?

3 then it is going to recognize the cd/dvd to install?

4 how long does it take to go through this process?

5 If it is successful it will tell me?

6 If it is not successful will it tell me?

7. If it is successful what do i do next?

8 It will show a task bar explorer bar, will firefox be
shown here or i am not connected at this time to the

9 if i am not connected to the internet on my wife how do i
do that being i have no internet connection as the live cd
is in and i would not be running windows?

10 what will tell me if my lap top is capabloe of running

11, if it is not successful what do i do to shut it down?

12. is there a system restore point?