I got an OLD Toshiba Tecra 9100 laptop from a friend for free and for years it's sat in a box with no use (dead hard drive, dead battery, apparently touchpads were invented after this laptop) till I decided I want to make a network backup drive with this laptop, a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card, and a USB 2.0 hard drive but figures I'm not getting anywhere. I have Ubuntu 12.04 running in live mode off a CD with the PCMCIA card plugged into it's AC wall adapter and plugged into the laptop it shows up in lspci
05:00.0 USB controller: NEC Corporation USB (rev 43)
05:00.1 USB controller: Dialogic Corporation Device 0035 (rev 43)
but not in lsusb and thus of coarse nothing I plug into it that works on the USB 1.1 ports (hard drive, flash drive, mouse, etc) shows up either. I've been searching for hours all over the internet with literally no helpful information so now I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help. Here is the USB adapter I have; http://sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=299
Also just a request as I find it rude when people do this please do not tell me this is a pointless setup and to buy so and so network backup stuff, I know that stuff exists and I plan on getting one some day (WD My Net N900 Central) but for now this is my half for fun half for usefulness project to help the weekend go by.

(If anyone knows how to get the wifi working on this laptop that'd be great too, but otherwise I'm still researching into it before starting another thread)