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Yeah I am using precisely what u said.
I haven't spend much time on Ubuntu also I am learning the command line along with college stuff so don't get enough time to do all this.
Can you please say what do u mean by "rebuilding the system"?
I will reinstall it again but as I said those errors were from ubuntu restricted extras and not from the backed up data so will it cause any harm if I restore previous backups,because they contain some important data.
and there was no other option to save the data files.
Thanks for the help.
I meant if you haven't put a lot of time into installing new programs, arranging your data, etc., then a reinstall is the easiest.
You should be able to just restore your data, and not the old programs and settings.

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Hi, what is the output of
sudo apt-get install libjpeg62
libjpeg62 doesn't depend on anything so something must be blocking it
Is apt going to go through and function in spite of all the package issues? I'm not sure.