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Thread: how to use pidgin for

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    how to use pidgin for

    I want to use chat for my ubuntu woes. I thought it would be a good idea to use the irc channel stuff. ... but I really don't know what I'm doing.

    This looked like a good place to start:

    I saw on one page a suggestion to use pidgin. O.k. I installed that.

    The problem in the end, is I try to get to channel #ubuntu and the "Buddy List" screen tells me "[me] disconnected" furthermore: "Unable to connect: Connection timed out"

    I see at:
    some information about what I'm supposed to do.
    This is what I try.
    In my "Accounts" screen I "add" and then chose "protocol" "IRC"
    "username" ... something, shouldn't matter, right?
    "server" ""
    "password" ... shouldn't matter right? ... do I need to register for an account for this tow work? whatever; type in a password and check "Remember password"
    "save" button.

    My "buddies" menu at the top lets me pick "join a chat..."
    a screen pops up that says:
    "Account" with "[me] (IRC)" shown.
    I put at "Channel" "#ubuntu"
    now there is another place for "password" ... uh, the same rubbish I typed in before?
    I thought there was some kind of guest access? do I have to say I'm "guest" for user?

    Please help.

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    Re: how to use pidgin for

    If you want #ubuntu try this as per screenshot.

    Substitute the username obviously, and no password doesn't matter unless you register your nick.

    Also, although Pidgin can do IRC, it is fairly basic, which might be fine for you, but something like xchat might be better.,
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    Re: how to use pidgin for

    If you wanna alternative, just use Quassel. I feel most comfort in this client, even better than mIRC


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