I have spend the last few hours looking at posts from people with similar problems. Unfortunately I don't see one that has a solution for me.

Here is what happened: Received a message that there was only 8.6mb of space left on the boot partition.
As the boot partition is locked during use I used a gparted disc to increase the size of this partition.
There were no error messages during this operation but when I restarted the computer, first of all I get the GRUB2 menu which I never did before this and after that it doesn't matter which of the installations (Regular, recovery or previous versions) I select I end up with the message:
Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
- a list of 4 common problems
!ALERT /dev/mapper/servername-root does not exist. dropping to a shell.

I tried everything I can think of - started the computer with a live CD - ran Boot - Repair and I am at a loss.
The resulting log from my boot-repair can be found at:

The computer has only one operating system and as far as I can tell the GRUB loader is pointing to the right files on the right disk-partition (SDD1)

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!