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Thread: Display + Libre

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    Display + Libre

    Hi everyone,

    I had a couple of questions regarding multiple displays, Libre Impress, and xubuntu.

    I am trying to use Libre Impress for church. I used to use ProPresenter on a Macbook, but am trying to use an open source software that will run on multiple OSes. I thought LibreOffice would be a good fit.

    #1 I'm having a hard time with the Display settings. I'm trying to not use a mirrored desktop so that what is displayed on the projector/external monitor is different from my laptop monitor. I need this so that I can display lyrics or images even when I have to type or do other necessary technical things during service.

    #2 Is there a way to effectively organize slides on Impress?

    #3 I've never been able to do this with PowerPoint either: How do I set up the presentation slides so that my laptop is displaying the "set up" view where I can see the next slides, time, and other information while the external is displaying the actual slides only?

    #4 Are there other software that is better than Impress for this purpose? I did really like ProPresenter, but I don't plan on supporting a $450 software.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Display + Libre




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