My laptop is the Acer Timeline Ultra M5-481TG. It has an Nvidia Geforce GT 640M LE gpu. I am running Ubuntu Studio 12.10.
I have tried to install this driver many ways because Nouveau eats my battery and I believe is somewhat out of date. I have even tried using 'sudo stop lightdm' in another console. I have tried nvidia_current, nvidia_current_updates, nvidia_experimental_310, and the .run file off their website. Every time I open nvidia-settings it tells me to run the 'nvidia-xconfig' as root then restart X. I tried this both in X and with X stopped in an alternate console. I have also installed bumblebee and that did nothing to get the Nvidia X Driver Running. I installed jockey common as well and enabled these drivers using it, but again to no avail. When I run 'nvidia-xconfig' it does create the necessary changes to the config file, but these don't result in it actually running or resolving the error. I have read very many articles and tried so many things. i.e. 'sudo apt-add-repository ppaorg-edgers/ppa' and of course apt's update, upgrade, and dist-upgrade. I have purged and reinstalled everything in numerous ways looking for just the right combination--no luck thus far.
This has eaten hours of my time! Please help and thanks!
Edit: sudo apt-get remove nvidia-common nvidia-current nvidia-settings && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install nvidia-common nvidia-current nvidia-settings && sudo jockey-text -e kmod:nvidia_current && sudo nvidia-xconfig && sudo restart lightdm
I made a "meta"-command for lulz and to give it one last shot--still no luck.