I'm very new to ubuntu - been using it for about a month now, and I seem to be finding myself get around it decently. There are a few things that I couldn't figure out - until i read some threads from various different linux forums and found solutions..

I looked here:

Before posting this new thread - so i did some research, but most postings are about 2 years old and are closed.

So - my issue is that I had Modzilla - Tinychat would not let me click the flash settings to broadcast my camera - so i uninstalled it to save space because i am low. Then I installed Chromium - still wouldn't let me edit privacy settings for flash; and meanwhile in the regular chrome browser, I am in full chat mode and can edit my privacy flash settings, then after 5 minutes - my system stalls like i'm downloading a huge file but I wasn't and it causes me to reboot the laptop because I am not able to do anything after that happens, sort of like a freezeup.

I have "CrUbuntu" meaning I have an Acer C7 Chromebook OS, and installed ubuntu 12.04 on it - so I only have 3g. and about 2RAM or so.
If anyone can help, please do.