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Thread: Ubuntu wiped my drive?

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    Angry Ubuntu wiped my drive?

    I was installing Ubuntu when I accidentally hit the replace Windows with Ubuntu box, the next step was choosing my time zone, I looked for the back button, or power off button, but there wasn't one, so I hard shut my computer down. When I rebooted (with installation USB out), my Windows wouldn't boot, even my recovery (restore) doesn't work. How could Ubuntu wipe your drive without a a few seconds? Is this supposed to happen? How do I get my OS back?

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    Re: Ubuntu wiped my drive?

    I accidentally hit the replace Windows with Ubuntu box,
    It only did what YOU told it to do!

    It probably started out by reformatting the partition containing Windows -- which actually takes only a few seconds and was probably already finished when you panicked and shutdown the machine.

    What version of Windows were you running?

    How do I get my OS back?
    Answer depends critically on what you have that you can use to restore the OS.

    Did you make a set of recovery disks?

    Did you leave the Recovery partition intact when you installed Ubuntu? Or did you erase that, first?

    Do you have MS Windows full installation media?
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