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Thread: Just want full root access for everything chown makes no sense :(

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    Talking Re: Just want full root access for everything chown makes no sense :(


    Was W7 computer
    Only wanted to run a program to seek and destroy the rootkit with WINE
    Was using Ubuntu from LiveCD mode, that seems to be part of the overall problem with portions of what was causing my frustration.

    This has been a very interesting 2 weeks and learning experience. But my mission is complete and I'm sticking with my new full install of Ubuntu 12.10. Billy G can go up a creek.

    With all of your help I've been able to subdue a virus, save my data, and learn that Windows does in fact belong out on the infant populous and I need to grow up and use a real OS.

    Interestingly enough I was able to use the LIveCD to transfer files to an old iPhone to back up my data. I just thought the subterfuge of Microsoft’s and Apple's OSes to transfer important data was priceless and I was hooked. Ubuntu is freeing and powerful. I love it so much now that I want to build a linux OS from scratch for the learning and for moding my iPhone into a mobile tech troubleshoot platform.

    Oh and the explanations of permissions in this thread have been way more helpful, understandible, and seemed less dry then others. I did noticed some information may have been copy and pasted from other sources, but you guys jazzed it up so my fickle brain can understand it. Thanks!
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    Re: Just want full root access for everything chown makes no sense :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Morbius1 View Post
    As another side note I wouldn’t do this on a drunken bet:
    You just made every single file executable.
    Yeah, I just wanted an example and showing a reall bad example was probaly not a good idea.

    The Jedi way is something like this:
    chmod -R a+rwX,g-w,o-rwx /directory
    All folders will be 750
    All Files will be 640 except those that were executable to begin with.
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