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    Question espeak

    Hi all,
    This might not actually be a programming question, but I am wondering if there are, (or) if I can make voice sounds of characters like "Darth Vader"
    or "Jaun luke picard", or some thing. I'm not really sure how to achieve more realistic sounding voices with espeak. The voice quality is the part I want to program, and specific voices, would be fantastic. Anyone have input on this?

    Why do I ask?
    I have a kid who gets out of bed. So I put a sensor in her room, and hooked up my arduino to trigger a script reading "Child, get back in bed!"
    But it sounds too fake. I'm sure she would listen to Darth Vader Though.

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    Re: espeak

    Im not sure for Darht Vaider but you can use program named "Clownfish" it changes voice don't know how in Ubuntu cause im new to it but clownfish is primarily for skype on windows (maybe it is also available on Ubuntu), if it's not available for ubuntu, use wine or play trough virtualbox. hope i helped sth

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