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Thread: Upgrade from x86 to 64-bit

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    Question Upgrade from x86 to 64-bit

    Hey everyone,

    Few days back I've installed Lubuntu 12.10 x84 version. It was going ok, but I've realised that my CPU can handle 64-bit version of the OS.

    So the question is - can I (if yes, how? I'm rather new Linux user) upgrade mu Luubntu to 64-bit version without loosing my data?

    I've tried to find something on the Internet and this forum, but no luck. I'll be gratefull for every hint and reply!

    Best regards

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    Re: Upgrade from x86 to 64-bit

    There's no upgrade path from 32- to 64-bit, you'll need to do a fresh install.

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    Re: Upgrade from x86 to 64-bit

    Welcome to the forums.

    Do you have a separate /home. Then you can just reinstall using Something Else and when choosing /home DO NOT reformat.

    Otherwise you need to backup /home. If you have installed a lot of applications you also want to make a list to make it easier to reinstall.

    To move /home uses rsync- Be sure to use parameters to preserve ownership & permissions

    discussion of alternatives/strategy backups

    Oldfred's list of stuff to backup May 2011:

    from lovinglinux - use dpkg to list installed apps
    From old install
    dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages
    From New install
    sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages
    sudo apt-get -y update
    sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
    Please use Thread Tools above first post to change to [Solved] when/if answered completely.

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