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Thread: Black Screen on Boot - Grub Related?

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    Re: Black Screen on Boot - Grub Related?

    Quote Originally Posted by JafoFubar View Post
    Thank you. This worked for me....sort of. I changed to a proprietary driver the software sources app and now it reboots without the black screen and I can logon but, now I get no desktop. No unity bar on the right, no panel at the top, just the background and the mouse pointer. The pointer works but there's nothing to point at or click on!

    Update: I reinstalled, this time without encrypting the drive and it reboots fine without changing anything.
    Still not a good match yet then...

    If you could post the results of this-
    lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA
    That would tell me the video hardware you have and I could recommend a good match in drivers...

    EDIT--Saw your edited update. AS the OP, please mark this thread as "Solved."
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