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Thread: Black Screen on Boot - Grub Related?

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    Black Screen on Boot - Grub Related?

    Hey guys.

    I've had this problem with all 12.10 *buntu distros...

    It's an HP Pavilion G6, single boot, encrypted installation, lubuntu 12.10.

    Every other time I turn my laptop on, after I get the "HP" screen, I get a blank screen (like black, no backlight whatsoever). It does not resolve until I turn the computer off, turn it back on, and am brought to the grub menu.

    What's up with that?

    Also, I recently disabled the grub menu (or so I thought), using the following method:

    sudo leafpad /etc/default/grub
    > change "GRUB_TIMEOUT=10" to "GRUB_TIMEOUT=0"
    > save
    > sudo update-grub

    Which worked for two reboots (did not fix the blank screen issue), and then the menu started popping up again.

    Anyone have any insight?
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