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Thread: Backing up/exporting ufw rules

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    Backing up/exporting ufw rules

    Hi there,I'd like to get advice about the best way to export ufw rules from one installation to another,according to this bug report
    this would be copying /lib/ufw , /etc/ufw and /etc/default/ufw .
    I've done this and it works - well sort of...
    Rules are working in the new installation,but I have to disable logging or it will throw errors when activating the firewall,with logging disabled everything is OK,I can enable/disable/reload the firewall at will,not so with logging on:any ideas on what may cause this issue with logging ?
    Also,are there other ways to backup/export these firewall rules ?

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    Re: Backing up/exporting ufw rules

    Thread moved to Security Discussions.

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