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Thread: File sharing problems

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    File sharing problems

    Ever since I installed U 12.04 LTS x64, I have had a nagging problem with file sharing.
    I installed Samba in an effort to get my computers to talk to each other.
    The best I can do is get them to see the shares on each other, but they break off connection when trying to copy and paste files between them.
    The most common error message I get can be found in these posts:
    I tried the solutions there but no joy.
    Frequently, a window will pop up on my laptop saying, "System program problem detected Do you want to report the problem now?" I go through the steps, reboot, and it continues to haunt me.
    Now, it does a new thing. The OS will suddenly log me off, shutting down my programs, and dump me into the logon screen seemingly at random.
    Anybody else run into this?

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    Re: File sharing problems

    Thread closed.

    Duplicate here :

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