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Thread: ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?

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    Question ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?

    Hi all,

    how do I install ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?

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    Re: ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?

    Thread moved to "Mobile Technology Discussions".

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    Re: ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?

    Quote Originally Posted by marchelloUA View Post
    Hi all,

    how do I install ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?
    I mean this lightheartedly.

    Step 1:

    Wait for the image to become available. This is pretty important as you can't install the software until the software is actually available.

    Step 2:

    Read the requirements - only certain tablets will work (probably only the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, initially)

    Step 3:

    Read the instructions that will be posted along with the image - this is also very important as it's what you're asking. Remember, there will be no instructions until the actual image is available.

    Step 4:

    When Ubuntu-preinstalled tablets actually get released, buy one. Tell your friends to buy one. Maybe you should buy several so they are successful. Money is the only limit!
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