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Thread: ubuntu 12.04 visual lag and no effects

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    Exclamation ubuntu 12.04 visual lag and no effects

    I'm new to ubuntu and linux in general. I installed Ubuntu 12.04, installed the ATI driver but I keep experiencing visual lags. When I move windows around they make short jumps and don't move smoothly. Moreover I installed gnome 3.5 and enabled the visual effects in compiz (wobbly,..) but they are not working. I didn't get an error or anything they're enabled but simple don't work.


    I ran a system testing, everything was going great until the testing reached graphics/display, where the laptop just freezed and I got small red dots at the top of the screen. I waited 5 mins nothing happened so I had to force shutdown the laptop.

    Laptop Specs: Dual core 2 duo 2.0GHz
    4GB RAM
    ATI Readon 4500 mobility series but I get VESA: M92 as a graphics driver in system settings.
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    Re: ubuntu 12.04 visual lag and no effects

    the only potential advice i can give is.. try a different desktop environment. enlightenment (which bodhi linux has a thoroughly good implementation of, and a theming website), if you want some effects. or xfce if you are not bothered about effects, except for transparency.

    it may or may not remove your graphical issues.

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