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Certain parts of these forums have so high number of new threads that it is usual for threads to go out of the first page or even out of a search result after a few hours. If that happens with one of your threads without answers or 'useful' answers, feel free to bump it after 24 hours.

Now regarding the original issue, I may *try* to help if you could post output of -
lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net
Enter the above command in a terminal and post back its output here. You may just copy-paste it in the terminal (with your mouse) to avoid typing errors.
Hi, thank you here is the result from the terminal

welshybabe@ubuntu:~$ lspci - nnk / grep -iA2 net
Usage: lspci [<switches>]

Basic display modes:
-mm Produce machine-readable output (single -m for an obsolete format)
-t Show bus tree

Display options:
-v Be verbose (-vv for very verbose)
-k Show kernel drivers handling each device
-x Show hex-dump of the standard part of the config space
-xxx Show hex-dump of the whole config space (dangerous; root only)
-xxxx Show hex-dump of the 4096-byte extended config space (root only)
-b Bus-centric view (addresses and IRQ's as seen by the bus)
-D Always show domain numbers

Resolving of device ID's to names:
-n Show numeric ID's
-nn Show both textual and numeric ID's (names & numbers)
-q Query the PCI ID database for unknown ID's via DNS
-qq As above, but re-query locally cached entries
-Q Query the PCI ID database for all ID's via DNS

Selection of devices:
-s [[[[<domain>]:]<bus>]:][<slot>][.[<func>]] Show only devices in selected slots
-d [<vendor>]:[<device>] Show only devices with specified ID's

Other options:
-i <file> Use specified ID database instead of A2
-p <file> Look up kernel modules in a given file instead of default modules.pcimap
-M Enable `bus mapping' mode (dangerous; root only)

PCI access options:
-A <method> Use the specified PCI access method (see `-A help' for a list)
-O <par>=<val> Set PCI access parameter (see `-O help' for a list)
-G Enable PCI access debugging
-H <mode> Use direct hardware access (<mode> = 1 or 2)
-F <file> Read PCI configuration dump from a given file