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Thread: Lemur Ultra screen

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    Lemur Ultra screen

    I know this is a recurrent topic here for Sys76. I own two of their systems, including a Lemur Ultra. I LOVE this machine, but I loathe the screen. Luckily for me I use an external monitor most of the time, but when I don't I just don't like the low resolution that the 14' screen provides. Also the viewing angles ain't great and screen becomes glossy if not sitting directly in front of it.

    I just saw this announcement today.

    It seems the new Dell xps 13' is getting a new 1080p" 1920×1080p screen.

    Isantrop argued in the past in this forum that Ubuntu isn't ready to provide good behavior at those resolutions on 14' screens. I am not expert, but it seems that Dell either pulled that out or just think is not such a big deal. It actually happened after many complains from Dell users about the previous model and the low resolution (same as the current Lemur Ultra).

    If I could swap my Lemur Ultra for this one I would do it in a heart bit.

    Any plans to implement that in the short future? If so, would there be an option for current Lemur ultra owners to upgrade the screen?


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    Re: Lemur Ultra screen

    No, Dell just don't care that the UI will be too small to use comfortably.

    On top of that, the Lemur isn't a high-end model. We're more focused on providing high-res screen options on the Gazelle.
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    Re: Lemur Ultra screen

    Fair enough, I know the gazelle offers higher resolution, I own a gazp6 myself. My whole point was getting higher resolutions in 14' screen sizes and being usable. It seems Dell thinks it is even possible and usable on 13' screens, as requested by their customers...or they just simply don't care.

    Anyway i wouldn't mind a few more pixels on mine.


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