I installed kubuntu 12.04 lts a few days ago, replacing xubuntu 12.10 with kde-desktop installed as well.

There was a firefox install button listed in Favorites, so I hit it.

But ... with this, if I go into Preferences->Applications,. there is an extremely limited list of file types/programs. Missing a couple that I did not want to open with the program kde wants me to. I can't seem to find a workaround.

Also, I have some web pages saved, and if I double click the file, it opens them in rekonq instead. Actually, half the time rekonq won't open them, so I have to use "open with". Despite I have told dolphin that firefox is the default ap for html files.

Need I mention at this point that rekonq is a rubbish piece of software?

So what am I supposed to do here? Yanking rekonq seems obvious. It stinks. Do I also need to purge firefox and reinstall a decent version from synaptic and then reconfigure it?

Frankly, I've installed kde-desktop over xubuntu, and I have mint 13 KDE installed on a netbook that had hardware support issues. Using KDE with kubuntu has caused me more problems than either.