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Thread: how to burn DVD with multiple insallatin iso's and other supporting data

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    how to burn DVD with multiple installation iso's and other supporting data

    I have several computers with varying architectures (32 & 64 bit). Each machine also requires unique driver sets to download (like B43 firmware/drivers for wireless connection). I also have other files that make setting up a machine easier. I'd like to make this stuff available on the same DVD or USB but not sure where to start. Before I go burning DVD's with data and with fire after ruining them. Anyone have some thoughts on how to approach this?

    I've read I can de-construct an iso and add to it, but that won't work with 2 ubuntu live installs; I see how I could de-consruct my 64bit iso and add a new folder and data to it.

    I've also read and thought that I could treat it like a drive that can be partitioned? Not sure I understand the mechanics of properly setting that up. Multiple, selectable, bootable partitions on a DVD: 3 partitions, 1 for 32bit, 1 for 64 bit, and 1 for supporting documentation... Would the DVD need its own boot loader?

    I'm looking into this thread as a solution now: thread

    Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated...
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