Hello All,

I'm currently running 12.04LTS on my older acer aspire D250 as a dual-boot with windows 7 starter. I love everything linux/open source! I'm an artist currently in my terminal (MFA) program, attempting to specialize in New Media and installation. Basically, any materials or technology I can get my hands on I want to turn into some sort of other-worldly thing.

So, not sure where to start, but I've only really asked for help on the forums for one major problem, and I was ASTOUNDED how awesome the community is. Another user jumped on my problem, and it was great being able to perform under the hood maintenance to my computer. This is my current goal:

I have this old desktop that is running Ubuntu/LXDE but it is SO SLOW. I am wondering if I try to use it as a primer for raspberry pi, wipe it clean, and start installing packages from scratch and really understanding how a system is built. I have been experimenting with analog electronics and arduino in the attempts to create work that is kinetic and sensor-based. I'll stick with that stuff for now, but I know that raspberry pi will open up even more doors for me. I was thinking Debian, but I might have to research a little more to see what the optimal rpi systems are.

I would like to find a basic use for the old desktop. (I also have an old compaq with no HD-I've played with running it off the live cd, but maybe I can just find a distro to install that will allow me to save to a thumbdrive. A Puppy maybe?).

Anyone interested in tackling any of these problems?