Hello All,

I'm currently running 12.04LTS on my older acer aspire D250 as a dual-boot with windows 7 starter. I love everything linux/open source! I'm an artist currently in my terminal (MFA) program, attempting to specialize in New Media and installation. Basically, any materials or technology I can get my hands on I want to turn into some sort of other-worldly thing.

So, not sure where to start, but I've only really asked for help on the forums for one major problem, and I was ASTOUNDED how awesome the community is. Another user jumped on my problem, and it was great being able to perform under the hood maintenance to my computer. This is my current goal:

I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 running Ubuntu 11 or 12 and I believe I installed LXDE and use it primarily. I'm not in front of it right now. I think this things battery is about at 3rd capacity, but I want to use it as a desktop for my electronic workstation. I am trying to figure out how to set it up so I can close the lid but use the external monitor. I had to install randr to access the monitor mirroring capabilities, but having trouble finding the power settings manager. I was using an old university desktop with LXDE/Ubuntu (is that all that makes it Lubuntu?) I'll come back to that, but I want to use the laptop for datasheets and arduino sketches, and maybe try to play with some midi to hydrogen/amsynth music-making. I in the dark on midi, but I think I could mark a usb keyboard with piano keys and use jackD or something else to use the software? First priority is getting the laptop lid to close so I can safely store it and have a clean (actual) desktop.

Anyone interested in tackling any of these problems?