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Thread: Nvidia X Server Ubuntu 12.04 Monitor Configuration and Saving Settings

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    Nvidia X Server Ubuntu 12.04 Monitor Configuration and Saving Settings

    Good evening,

    I am having problems with Nvidia's X Server settings.

    I have searched many threads to no avail as to solve my problems.

    Hardware Setup:

    GPU: Geforce 650 ti
    Driver: 304.64
    Displays: 3 (2x DVI and 1x VGA)

    ================================================== =================
    Problem: I am having three problems:

    1.) I cannot get X Server to save my settings. Each time computer goes to standby or I restart I have to reconfigure my display settings (can get quite frustrating). I have read countless threads on Ubuntu Forums and Google stating that one must run the X Server as admin, or as root, by either gksudo nvidia-settings or sudo nvidia-settings in terminal, which brings up X Server window to change settings. I have also read one must "save to Xorg file". I have read both to check and uncheck "merge with existing Xorg file" and I have tried both.

    I have tried several driver versions and none of them seem to save any settings I have entered after a restart or resume from standby. This seems like a common problem (among many) with the X Server from Nvidia, and there may be a thread out that has this problem solved, I just haven't found it. Any help is greatly appreciated in this matter.

    2.) I am running two DVI monitors at my desk in my bedroom in an extended desktop configuration, and a projector connected to VGA in the living room. 3 concurrent displays. However, I can only see an option to set up the VGA projector as another extended desktop. I would like the projector (VGA) and the main display (DVI-0) to be mirrored, or cloned, as in they both show the menu bar and panels, etc. As an extended display once, for example, a movie is over and I am in the living room I have to come back into the bedroom to navigate through the GUI to a new file I want to play and then drag it to the extended desktop on the projector.

    3.) Is there a way to prevent programs and windows from opening on an extended desktop by default? When I open Firefox, it always defaults to my secondary monitor on DVI-1, Nautilus too. A few things open up on the main display as desired, but many do not. Are there options to change which programs and/or windows open up on a given display by default?

    ================================================== ==============

    My apologies for the lengthy thread but I feel the information is necessary.

    Please inquire for any additional information.

    I always appreciate anyone taking time and effort to help.

    Thank you in advance for any input you may have.
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