About: Complaint on elfy, who acting as administrator decided to censor my post for trolling, because I used the word “spying”.
Request: I ask you to redraw the censorship of my post, and make my post public on the forum again.
Arguments: I will not state all my arguments again here, but ask you to read my posts with elfy about this matter. I covers my point of view, and why I have it.
I find, that elfy overreacted by censoring, but wouldn't see his mistake and redraw his decision. My post is, and should be covered by freedom of speech, and should not be considered that controversial, that it cannot be made public on this forum.
If you need further pieces of information please send a message.
The person(s) handling my complaint, please state your relationship to elfy, since I cannot accept, if a close friend to elfy is part of a decision on my complaint.