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Thread: NTFS windows partition not detected Gparted or XUbuntu install

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    Unhappy NTFS windows partition not detected Gparted or XUbuntu install

    Hi there
    So I have a eeepc, EM250, and long time ago i had a Ubuntu 10.04 or something like this on it. To do short i had to install Windows Xp on it 2 weeks ago for my korean girlfriend and her korean softwares (wrong idea... ) . Windows being slow and ****, i suspect it to be a zombie NetBot version blabla, i decided to come back to my trusty Ubuntu. Here the deal
    when i installed Windows xp i formated my hard drive to 2 partitions, first one to NTFS, second one to unallocated (i did format it later to fat32, after the windows install completed)
    So now I have created a YUMI Multiboot usbkey with a Ubuntu 12.10 iso on and a Gparted and Partedmagic isos aswell
    I boot on my usb, choose the ubuntu install everything works well till ubuntu install has an error with the internal hard not detected.
    I reboot on Gparted GUI and same deal, only my usb drive detected...
    I reboot on my Partedmagic GUI and same deal only my usb drive detected...

    When Im rebooting on my internal hard drive, Windows boots like a princess, everything s fine.

    So here am I on Partedmagic GUI on the integrated Firefox asking for some help
    I browse a bit Ubuntu forums about it but found nothing really related
    Im a bit of a noob aswell but i did a fdisk -l which is only listing my usb drive as /dev/sdc1

    I need to come back to a really clean, fast and light system as I had before.
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