Hello! Kindly asking to help to solve the issue:

There are two laptops with wifi each (Ubuntu 10.04, 12.04)

One of them has been setup as router(pc1) - it works perfectly when another one is connected through the swith:
PC2--->switch--->PC1 (pptpd vpn ppp0 (interface))--->Provider

I installed hostapd on the pc1 to create the wireless network. The connection is establising and it works.

But there is very strange issue:

1. the speed on PC2 is very low
2. From the PC2 is impossible to go to gmail and any other https
3. Only from one site the speed is very good
4. Skype often goes disconnected
5. There is no packet lost between those two machines

Dear specialists, kindly asking to help to solve this strange problem.

Thank you in advance.