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Thread: The gaming market ... So many choices

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    The gaming market ... So many choices

    So I was reading this article

    So it seems all but confirmed that valve and sony most likely have some sort of streaming service in the works and probably microsoft will too. I think its a great idea to have hardware upgrades streamed to you but also realize that it won't work for everyone.

    Its exciting but kind of annoying at the same time because everything is so fragmented. On the pc alone you have so many different services like bnet, steam, and many others that are required for certain games. Then you have all the consoles with their services too.

    I'm at the point where I will no longer be buying anymore pc games that don't have native linux clients. I'm also tired of desk gaming in general and tend to avoid things without controller support. I think steam is great and interested to use it on linux in the family room.

    So a question do most of you still plan to buy a ps4 or next gen xbox? Any titles that I miss may be available on the ps4. There is even rumors that most of the ps3 games will be available for streaming as their way around the backwards compatibility issues.
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    Re: The gaming market ... So many choices

    I too made the decision last year never to buy another game unless it was a Linux version. I will not support companies that don't make games for the OS I use (because, of course, I wouldn't be able to play them...).

    I think choice is good, but only if it were more open and more under the control of the community, like FOSS. I, for one, am sticking with Steam and Desura (and if the rumors about Blizzard are true, I'll stick with them, too, though it would be great if they would just launch all of their stuff through Steam and tie-in all of the achievements that way, though I'm sure with games as big as the ones they have, it would be a monumental undertaking). I only really like PC gaming, but since Valve is making the Steambox Linux-based, I'll probably buy it anyway.

    I think the choices of games for Linux now is INCREDIBLE. One year ago I NEVER would have thought this would happen so soon. I have ~90 games on my Steam account, ~60 of which run under Linux (the rest will eventually; either they already have Linux versions which will soon be uploaded, or they're Valve games that are waiting to be ported), and they're all great quality, not BS games I could've drawn in MS Paint. The fact that I haven't even played all of them yet just amazes me.

    It's a beautiful thing.
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    Re: The gaming market ... So many choices

    I may even cancel my order for the new starcraft expansion. I still have a windows partition but really that isn't where I want to be and I don't have the experience to trouble shoot hiccups under wine. I've found that if I keep buying devices or services that require windows that I end up there most of the time if I have dual boot.

    I'm certainly going to wait a bit before buying a next gen console and I don't want to but I don't see all titles having linux support. There may be a lot of games already in development that have already bypassed the stage of doing a linux port and its these I may want a console for. I am much more a casual gamer now so I can wait to see how things go and be entertained by what is available on linux at the moment.
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