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Thread: HON Download

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    HON Download

    I am new to Linux and downloaded Heros of Newearth (HON) and found it in download area but when i double click the icon a bix opens but nevrr does anything else. How do i get to play this game?

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    Re: HON Download

    Hi I played this game and it was very good, never had troubles, so lets fix yours.

    I would like some more information than what you gave us. Can you open the terminal and write the name of the file that executes the game.

    (try 'hon', if that fails try hon and press tab button few times quickly to see the rest of the name, if that wont help try the same as before but with 'hero' and pressing tab few times. If that wont do right click the shortcut you have and check it's properties, but if it is in the side bar you'll need to drag it onto the desktop and then right click it and click properties... when you are there you can see the way the game is executed, copy that into the terminal and execute the command.)
    What you will see then is important for us to know in order to solve your problem.


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