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Thread: lubuntu autostart lxpanel (do NOT autostart for specific users)

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    lubuntu autostart lxpanel (do NOT autostart for specific users)

    Couldn't find the answer to this specific question searching at large, or in this forum.

    I am running Lubuntu 12.10 and have started using Cairo-Dock with xcompmgr. It runs very well and I prefer it to the lxpanel. I want to disable the panel.

    I added a Cairo dock autostart to my ~/.config/autostart and that works fine.

    The problem is how to STOP lxpanel from starting. I can do it by commenting or remove the lxpanel line from /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart but that will cause it to stop launching globally. If I have another user, or a guest user on my machine, they should have the generic Lubuntu experience. So.. I want to NOT launch lxpanel for MY user account (and launch cairodock in its place), but I want to continue launching lxpanel globally.

    One method that came to mind is writing a script to kill lxpanel that could be called by my local user's autostart folder but that seems really hacky.

    The only clean implementation I can think of is to have the per-user autostart file allow for negations.

    So, if global autostart contains
    @lxpanel --option1 --option2

    and if /home/userX/.config/autostart/autostart (or similar) has

    That would cause lxpanel to launch for everybody who does NOT have a negating entry in their personal autostart file.

    Any thoughts or solutions to my problem?

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    Re: lubuntu autostart lxpanel (do NOT autostart for specific users)

    I think using a script to just kill LxPanel for a specific user might be the easiest thing for you to do.

    There is an autostart file which contains the lxpanel in /etc/xdg/session/Lubuntu, you could try commenting it out there but I'm fairly certain that would affect all users for you.

    Good luck!


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