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Thread: help me with xsane!

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    help me with xsane!


    i was using xsane with my lexmark x1170 just fine, until devil got in me on a dark and rainy afternoon and started asking for more. I thought i could scan a larger area with my scanner, so i went to "paper geometrie" shown here:
    and changed the width and height attributes

    although i experimented with a lot of values the result is always the same: my scanner makes an abrupt sound as if it scans a very sort area, the result being a white scanned document. Unfortunately i didn't save the default width and height attributes. Do you have any idea where i could find them?

    thanks in advance for your help,

    p.s. i have also tried the values on the link to no avail
    p.s2 simple scan is working fine though

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    Re: help me with xsane!

    to restore defaults
    mv .sane/xsane .sane/xsane.old
    will do. it worked for me

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